Behind the WEILAIYA brand

Weilaiya is a natural skin and hair care brand from Hong Kong. Using natural herbal ingredients, combined with world-renowned brands of raw materials such as Givaudan, Kao, Wacker ..., Weilaiya ensures quality and prestige, comparable to American brands. world products.Weilaya hair serum set

The forerunner of Weilaiya was born in 1985 in Germany, with the origins of hair care products designed for high-end salons created by Chinese experts. Weilaiya's head office is located in Hong Kong and so far the network has spread to 23 countries around the world including Germany, the US, UK, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan ...
Weilaya Shower Gel
Since its inception, Weilaiya has cooperated with the world-famous fragrance company Givaudan, which specializes in the production of Dior, Chanel ... This is the starting point of the fragrance of seductive, sexy. in its products.Weilaya Shampoo + Conditioner Set

Raw materials of Weilaiya imported from Germany, undergo the stages of careful selection and refining from the precious herbs in the world, are nourished from sunlight and mist, absorb the essence of heaven and earth. Weilaiya believes pure and natural products will help women stay beautiful forever.Weilaya - Mud Mask for hair

With the mission of Beauty - Achieve - Dream (Beauty touches dreams), Weilaiya not only brings beauty but also helps each woman to master her dreams, achieve her aspirations, make them confident and happy. more on every journey.