FACIAL MIST - The Benefits off adding Facial Mists to your skincare routine

Facial mists are beneficial skincare products that are rapidly gaining in popularity for good reason. They are an easy and convenient addition to any skincare routine.

Facial mists can be used anywhere to provide an instant energy boost to lackluster skin, improve the overall health of your skin and are ideal for all skin types, all while providing the proven healing benefits of aromatherapy.

Overall, the all-natural and refreshing solutions contribute to a more beautiful, glowing complexion. What’s not to love?

Unlike mineral or thermal water, face mists contain skin-loving ingredients and botanicals. Think of it as your toner step, closing the pores, refreshing skin and priming your face for the next step in your skin care ritual. With a few spritzes of a face mist, surface skin is softened, delivering nutrients and moisture to the top layers of the skin.

Benefits of adding facial mists to your skincare routine

1. Provide a refreshing and dewy glow to dull and lackluster skin

Skip that afternoon coffee and opt for a facial mist instead. Facial mist sprays act as a midday “pick-me-up” for your skin.

Facial mists are a soothing, refreshing and hydrating solution for lackluster skin. Our energy often plummets midday, along with our skin’s dewy and rested morning glow. Instead of splashing cold water on your face in the bathroom, try a nutrient dense facial mist that will help to restore your glow, while offering numerous other benefitsAside from the skin health benefits, facial mists also feel ah-maz-ing. A win-win in our book! Look for a mist that also provides anti-aging benefits


2. The ingredients improve the health of your skin

The ingredients in facial mists specifically target and improve skin hydration, texture and clarity. These extra goodies have a compounding effect. This means that their consistent use over time will yield excellent results in the health of your skin both now and ten years from now. Thankfully, due to the ease and convenience of facial mists (more on this below), they are a quick and simple addition to any skincare routine, making it easy to consistently deliver a burst of vital nutrients to your skin.

3. Facial mists are convenient

Many skincare routines have multiple steps that require you to be seated at a vanity table, or in a bathroom splashing water. One important benefit of facial mists is that they leave no residue. This means they can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. The mists do not require rinsing after application, therefore they are simple to use and the nutrients are able to soak into your face, providing you with all of the healthy skin benefits.

4. Facial mists are ideal for all skin types

No matter the condition of your skin on any given day, a facial mist is a one-size-fits-all skin care solution. These mists are balancing and keep skin oils in check, while simultaneously preventing dryness and irritation. They infuse skin with protective elements that slow the aging process, while also providing the skin with a refreshing dewy glow. If you have dry skin, a face mist is the perfect one-spritz solution to quenching thirsty skin and restoring your glow.

5 ways to use facial mist 

- Time to wake up!
This one may seem obvious, but there is nothing quite like a little face mist to help rejuvenate and assist on waking up… whatever the time of day.

- Use a facial mist under your moisturiser to increase absorption
Get the most out of your moisturiser by hydrating and dampening the skin right before applying your moisturiser to increase its absorption. A helpful tip, especially if you forget to moisturise right after you hop out of the shower.

-  Undo that cakey makeup finish.
Realised you went a little overboard on the makeup? Well rather than wiping it all off and starting again spray your mist over the top and do a little inventory control on those problem area. Eg. Tap with your finger to blend and work in the excess layers for a more natural finish. Add another light spray to finish.

- Give your makeup a refresh.
There is nothing worse than going from the office to dinner/event with stale makeup. Or perhaps worse, adding more makeup to already old makeup. A facial mist gives a new lease on life to your makeup and makes its easier to add to it and blend in.

- Keep your skin hydrated.
Keep a facial mist at home, in your handbag, at the office and always remember to pack it with your on the plane. Facial mist is like drinking water. If you feel really thirsty then you’re already dehydrated, and same goes for tight, dry skin. Keep up the hydration for supple, hydrated skin, one of the best ways to fight the signs of aging.

Thanks for stopping by to learn more about the many skin benefits of using a facial mist! 

Transcripted by Kateryan - HarperandHarley