AYG - Feel the difference of Premium brand


Feel the difference of Premium brand


AYG is

AYG stands for All Your Generation and has aspirations to become a beloved brand across generations. From the beginning to the end, AYG will help you realize your natural beauty. 


Collaboration R&D

 The CEO and researchers, who are Australian pharmacists, are working together with R&D researchers at the affiliated research institute and factory to maximize the balance and effect between ingredients from raw materials to finished products.


We are creating AYG packaging in collaboration with professional designers.

We are making difficult tasks such as Simple and Luxury with AYG's own style.


Identity 3T Rules


 AYG is a brand that we make with customers.



 It is a brand that is not satisfied with the present and creates future values.


It is a brand that seeks the essence of cosmetics that add beauty to customers' natural beauty.



- 2018

K-beauty Cosmetics Co., Ltd. was established in December 2018.

 Founded by Australian pharmacist CEOs and researchers to create safe and effective cosmetics. Rather than adding more, in order to maximize the efficacy of each good ingredient, we subtracted the unnecessary ingredients and focused on the balance between the ingredients


- 2019

Establishment of branch office in Indonesia in February 2019

 After establishing a branch office in Jakarta, Indonesia, after registering 21 items of demanding BPOM (import certificate), the product was sold offline/online.

- 2019

Vietnam's top 10 online brands (C'n) were selected in August 2019. 

 We launched 11 functional cosmetics products through the C'n brand that considers the Southeast Asian climate, skin type, and market preferences. It has established itself as being selected as one of the top 10 online brands selected by Vietnamese women.

 - 2020

Launch premium brand AYG in August 2020

 We listened to the voices of our customers, developed simple and luxurious packaging in collaboration with professional designers, and launched a brand suitable for'premium' from raw materials to finished products.


Company name: K Beauty Cosmetics Co., Ltd.

Representative: Taehwa Jang

Personal Information Manager: Taehwa Jang

Phone: 02-2636-2019

Email: ceo@k-bc.co.kr

Address: Room 3606, 6th floor, 288, Junam-ro, Yangsan-si, Gyeongsangnam-do

Business Registration Number: 246-81-01211

Mail order: 2020-Seoul, Yeongdeungpo-2427