VENTO VIVERE FROM SWITZERLAND Vento Vivere from Switzerland, VT Glamour BRAND STORY 

Vento Vivere is derived from ancient Latin proverbs - living in the moment. We believe that the young light that females radiate from the inside out is derived from the love of life and the belief of freedom. In addition to conveying beauty, the brand also conveys a free attitude to life. Your thoughts, your fearless skin, are your unique charm, and you can become your own light at any stage. Beauty is an art, it is a science about time. 

   Vento Vivere strives for excellence and elegance by upholding the tradition of art traditions and dedication to daring innovations in technology. We seek the world's most expensive raw materials at all costs, and are manufactured with cutting-edge Swiss stem cell technology to extend your original beauty. Our commitment to every customer - no fear of time, pursuing freedom, VENTO VIVERE is the kind of person who lives in the moment, does not compromise, will create eternal beauty.


In 1975:Beside the Lake Geneva, Cell Life Technology Research Center was jointly founded by the US and Switzerland to begin studies on cell anti-aging core technology.

In 1982:Doctor Schultz from Cell Life Technology Research Center made a diagnosis and gave treatment to members of the House of Saud with this advanced stem cell anti-aging therapy after 7-year research and over 10,000 experiments, bringing a miracle of retaining young skin for women around the world.

In 1995:Cell Research Center published articles on professional dermatology periodicals in the US, such as Journal of Cutaneous Pathology and Dermatology Times, and also won academic awards.

In 2010:More than 300 top researchers in the cell anti-aging field from both countries, including many dermatologists, medical experts and beauticians from Cell Research Center upgraded classic skincare formulations targeting different skin types. After collecting skin change indexes under different environments, climates, pressure and at different ages, it did numerous experiments and find the skincare formula ratios that function at their best. Moreover, it produces anti-aging and young skin-retaining products in combination with the cutting-edge stem cell anti-aging extract technique at that time. Examinations on the used materials show they are medical-grade and some of them can be directly injected into skin. The Chief Engineer of its product R&D team was previously a member of the senior engineer team of Switzerland-based Clinique La Prairie (CLP) which specializes in the stem cell anti-aging therapy and ranks top in this sector worldwide.