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VENTO - White Truffle Cellular Cream


VENTO - White Truffle Cellular Cream

  • Brand : VENTO VIVERE
  • Volume : 30 gr
  • Made in Switzerland 

Swiss national treasure-level cream, intensive repair during golden time


Too light to feel, highly luxury and nourishing

Italian white truffle and extracted Swiss edelweiss stem cells constitute the sought-after national treasure-level cream.

It feels like snow in early winter that melts after contacting with your skin. It intensively repairs your skin all night long.

New Vento Vivere 9-second cell regeneration cream excites the cells on your face and regenerates your young skin.

Features and Details :

It comes from VENTO VIVERE skin beautifying energy born within 9 seconds.

The core formula derives from two natural ingredients: white truffle essence used to provide skin care energy, and edelweiss cells used to supply special repair.

 White truffle essence - VENTO VIVERE white diamond from Elba , Italy 

VENTO VIVERE insists on selecting top-class raw materials, and artificially sorting top-level white truffle.

Scientists from VENTO VIVERE adopt exclusive extraction process and strictly follow four procedures

 to extract newly produced essence, thus recovering cell function (oxygenation, metabolism, and synthesis

of collagen and elastin) to smoothen and brighten your skin, increase skin elasticity (+35%),

reduce wrinkles (-12.8%), regenerate new cells in your skin, smooth fine lines, and regain elasticity and luster.

Edelweiss stem cells - VENTO VIVERE Switzerland’s national flower, Alps 

VENTO VIVERE gains inspiration from traditional compounds and successfully preserves energies of

various active ingredients in Switzerland’s national flower—edelweiss. Edelweiss, elaborately

 triturated after being picked, is repeatedly heated and filtered to get essence, which

contains active molecules for skin beautifying. With energies to defense extremely strong

ultraviolent light, and extreme temperature and moisture, it can effectively control

 glycosylation in corneum, recombine collagen and elastin, invigorate your face, rapidly

brighten and tighten your skin, thus unlocking the password of aging.

VENTO VIVERE Anti-gravitational Revolution


Surpassing aesthetics and science, impetus of Vento Vivere comes from art.

It is constituted by painstaking research behind the scientific breakthrough and precious formula that brings you sensual pleasures—selected white truffle, valuable ingredients from extractives of edelweiss stem cells.


Naturally formed cream makes your beauty stay and remain.

White truffle is the most valuable truffle because it only grows in some restricted areas in the north and middle of Italy. Elba in Piemonte Mountains is world famous because of the growth of high-quality white truffle. White truffle, honored as “plant diamond”, is always highly appreciated by European royalties.

Usage method : 

STEP1. put cream on palm for emulsification and apply it to face by massage for 3s.

  • STEP2. Press your face for 3s with your fingertip.
  • STEP3. Pat gently for 3s until the cream is fully absorbed. 


Nine seconds every day brings you and your skin 9 years back to the past. 


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