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Gingseng Flower Tea GEUMSAN

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Gingsen Flower Tea GEUMSAN 

- Brand  : GEUMSAN 

- Volume :  500gr 

- Made in Korea 


 Product Description :

Ginseng flower tea is very popular in Korea because of its very characteristic aroma, along with the amazing effects that Ginseng Flower Tea brings.
If ginseng root is known for its high saponin content, in ginseng flower, saponin content is 5 times higher.

The process of processing Hoa Ginseng Tea is meticulous and a bit fussy. After picking, ginseng flowers are washed, steamed with water (in the steaming process we can see that the water will be reddish brown, this is the saponin created). After steaming for 30-40 minutes, Ginseng flowers will be dried in the sun and can be dried again to preserve longer and increase the aroma of the tea.

When using Ginseng Flower Tea, you can eat it directly or cook it

With direct consumption, it will taste very bitter, but it is extremely effective for stomach disease, abdominal pain, or sore throat caused by eating hot spicy foods, drinking alcohol

Good for :

Insomnia, lack of sleep, high liver enzymes, blood fat, diabetes..

High blood pressure, unstable blood pressure

Weak liver, or stomach pain, intestinal problems.

Want to inhibit cancer cells, prevent aging

Want to prevent skin aging, healthy glowing skin...

Feature & Details :

The use of Korean ginseng root most of us know well about the effect on human health. However, very few people know about the uses of ginseng flowers and fruits, although these are the same parts that have the same use as ginseng roots. Ginseng plants belong to the family of five family members and live perennials and also have flowers. and fruit like other plants. Every year around the end of June is the season of ginseng flowers bloom.

  • Saponin content in ginseng flower is 5 times higher than that in ginseng root.
  • Ginseng flower tea helps strengthen the immune system, strengthens resistance
  • Ginseng flower tea inhibits cancer cells, effectively preventing cancer.
  • Prevention of aging.
  • Stabilize blood pressure and heart rate.
  • Very good for the skin, helps the skin to be healthy, prevents aging for extremely effective skin.
  • Intense aroma, characteristic, slightly bitter taste.
  • Can be eaten directly or brewed tea. Particularly, eating directly is extremely effective for people with stomach pain, abdominal pain, or sore throat caused by eating a lot of hot spicy food.

How to use : 


Eat directly: just wash the ginseng flowers (1 - 2 branches) and then use, slightly bitter taste.

Brewing tea: brew 2-3 branches of ginseng flowers (range 1-2g) with 200ml boiling water (from 90 degrees or more). Can be served hot or cold, as you like.

  • Use hot: rinse the vase and ginseng flowers for 30 seconds - 1 minute, decanter Then add boiling water to the vase of ginseng flowers, wait about 5 minutes for the tea to hydrate and it can be used.
  • When drinking all the water, you can change the water until the tea is pale, then take out the ginseng residue to eat, chew like rice to take advantage of nutrients.
  • Use cold: after brewing tea, filter the tea body, take the water, add ice and use.
  • The tea has a slightly bitter taste and the natural aroma of ginseng flowers, if you find it difficult to drink, you can add a little licorice or sliced ​​dried red apple to steep it or add sugar, honey, lemon when used to enhance the aroma. tasty.
  • Note: Ginseng flowers have mild welding properties, if used too much can lead to cold. Ginger can be added to ginseng flower tea to neutralize its cooling properties


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