Be White Premium Placenta 450000mg 


Be White Premium Placenta 450000mg 

- Brand : BeWhite

- Volume : one month supply  ( box of 30 pack ) 

- Made in Japan 


The benefits of the placenta Be White Premium Placenta 450000mg 

- Be White supplements nutrients such as amino acids, proteins, vitamins, some minerals and energy, helping to fade and prevent dark spots and pigmentation effectively.

- Remove wrinkles, age spots on the skin, bring the skin back to a state of smooth, soft.

- Help the body to produce more collagen, repel the aging process, regenerate new cells, help the muscles become firm, prevent sagging, increase skin elasticity.

- Reduce cholesterol, support blood circulation in the body, eliminate toxins.

- Supports the rehabilitation of organs, especially the liver. Increase resistance, reduce stress, fight inflammation, help mind and body always relax and alert, enhance physiological ability.

- Nourishes hair, nails are always strong, strong, and resistant to breakage.


- Hokkaido race horse placenta extract with a high content of about 450000mg, replenishes thousands of vitamins and minerals necessary for the body, helps to fade, remove all dark spots, freckles, brighten skin tone and healthy strong from deep inside.

 - Hydrolyzed fish collagen: a familiar ingredient in the beauty industry, forming new cells to help the skin always firm, plump, repel aging processes, prevent sagging and increase elasticity.

Proteoglycan salmon nose cartilage: promotes the regeneration of a new, smooth, radiant, vibrant skin.

- Rice Oil Ceramides: nourishes skin bright white, pinkish and even color, creating a barrier to protect skin from harmful effects from the environment.

- Bird's nest: this is an ingredient that is no stranger to us, with many uses such as reducing stress, improving the respiratory system, regulating blood pressure, increasing resistance, making skin smooth, anti-aging. ...


Usage Premium Placenta 450000mg Be White

You should drink a pack before going to bed to get the best results during use. Using Premium Placenta 450000mg Be White continuously from three to six months

At the end of the plan you should maintain regular drinking each package a week to ensure there is no shortage of nutrients in the body. In addition, you can combine topical skin care products to increase the effectiveness.

 Made in Japan 

1 box has 30 packages for 1 month supply 

Flavor is similar to mango



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