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Filler Collagen Parea Lipstick, Lets Go Banana ( 1 filler + 1 lips )


Son Filler Collagen Parea, Lets Go Banana

  •  Brand : Lets Go Banana 
  • Volume : 22gr x 2
  • Produced & Distributed by CHU COSMETICS COMPANY

Fill your lips with succulent moisture and gorgeous vibrant color! Banana Lip Balm is a lustrous lip balm that is infused with shea butter, hyaluronic acid and vaseline for a smooth and shiny look. Just apply lightly, moisturizing lipstick for 8 hours! This lip balm/lipstick combination follows a vegan formula that plumps lips all day long.

Lip_Filler_Dark_Remove_Wrinkle every day is always plump and rosy lips.

Mechanism of Lip Filler Lipstick De-blemish removal: Apply on 30s, will increase collagen production for plump lips After 1 minute, lips will be pink, pink according to the pH of the lips After 8 hours, remove dark pigmentation gradually, for Your lips are fresh, lip care essence will diffuse to help lips stay moist

Lip filler reduces darkening collagen banana fliller lipstick #Son_Filler_Khu_Thâm not only won the hearts of Vietnamese customers but also Western customers.

Apply on thick and plump lips, so who will love it. Helps to supplement black - dark pigmentation, giving you rosy - moist lips.


How to use lipstick

#Deep_Collagen Can be used 2 times / day or used 1 time overnight for the best effect.

De-brightening in the morning: Apply a thin layer of collagen essence to the lips, leave for 30 minutes, then apply & apply lipstick as usual

Evening darkening: Clean your lips & apply a thin layer of collagen essence to reduce dark spots. Leave it on overnight and wake up with rosy, plump lips. In addition, with the main ingredients from natural essential oils, it also helps moisturize, support to reduce cracked lips, dry lips, anti-inflammatory, quickly heal dry cracked lips, soften lips, moisturize tissue

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