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Nano 365 Curcumin Premium - Korea


Nano 365 Curcumin Premium

  • Brand : 365 
  • Volume : 3 months supply ( 3 packs x 32 pcs ) 
  • Made in Korea  

Nanotechnology is the product of applying modern science to the preparation of turmeric essence. Nanotechnology in the form of micro-molecules, helps increase the absorption of curcumin into the blood by 1000 times compared to fresh turmeric. Besides, water-based nanotechnology is extremely convenient to supplement, suitable for all subjects, especially for postpartum women, people with stomach ulcers, weak liver, people who want to beautify the skin.

Wishing to bring customers a different experience, we officially launched the brand new Nano Curcumin 365 Premium product.

Improvements of Nano Curcumin 365 Premium:

1. Increase 30% turmeric content.

2. Added Portuguese Lavender extract helps skin elasticity, firmness and accelerates skin regeneration.

3. Active ingredient Glycerin: prevents the aging process, prevents skin irritation and supports the acne treatment process.

Features & Details:

Nano Curcumin: prepared from fresh turmeric, can penetrate deeply into the body thanks to Nano technology, bringing many great uses for health as well as beauty such as treating stomach ulcers, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, skin beautifying, acne treatment and skin lightening, and most especially can prevent the formation and growth of cancer cells

Thymomodulin: support to strengthen the body's immune system , help prevent diseases, treat infections such as hepatitis, respiratory inflammation, minimize the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation methods.

Beeswax: contains a large amount of vitamins and minerals necessary for the body, has the effect of reducing cholesterol in the blood, treating stomach ulcers and diarrhea, strengthening the immune system, treating skin burns, keeping the skin healthy. Moisturizing and softening skin

Gelatin: Gelatin contains 98-99% protein and a small amount of minerals such as phosphorus, lipid, sodium, etc. supports to improve bone and joint health, reduces pain, brings clarity. alertness, enhance nervous system function, improve memory, prevent stomach diseases, bring good sleep, give you a healthy heart.


User manual :


- Suitable for everyone: the elderly, cancer patients, cardiovascular, liver, women after giving birth...


- Drink at any time of the day but drinking after breakfast is the best absorption.


- Every day 1 squeeze tube mixed with about 200-300ml of filtered water. 1 day can take 2 ampoules for more noticeable effect



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