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Jelly Sticks Nano Curcumin 365


Jelly Sticks Nano Curcumin 365 

  • Brand :365
  • Volume :  30 jelly sticks x 25
  • Flavor : Mango 
  • Made in Korea 

Turmeric Collagen Nano Curcumin Jelly 365 Mango is a liquid curcumin essence that helps to break down curcumin, liquefied with mineral water to enhance absorption rate.


Nano Curcumin Jelly protects the body from harmful external environment, taking care of health easily. Jelly has a compact package design that is suitable for many people, especially busy people. 1 pack of jelly contains up to 23 kcal, sweet and sour jelly, enjoy delicious.

Features and Details : 


Nano Curcumin: Completely prepared from fresh turmeric with nano technology to help the essence penetrate deeply into the body, helping to bring a lot of benefits for health and beauty, supporting prevention and reducing inflammation stomach ulcers, skin care, prevent acne, brighten and even skin tone, fight free radicals, prevent cancer.

Thymomodulin: helps strengthen the body's resistance, reduces disease, supports the treatment of infections, helps reduce harm from chemotherapy, radiation therapy Beeswax: rich in nutrients such as vitamins and trace elements The amount needed for the body, regulates bad cholesterol, supports moisture enhancement and softens the skin.

Gelatin: a component containing about 98-99% of protein and essential minerals such as phosphorus, lipids, etc., has the ability to strengthen bones and joints, reduce pain, improve brain activity, supplement .

Supplements large amounts of collagen for the body, strengthens hair and beautifies skin, helps to sleep deeper and better.


Day 2 pack morning - evening, better when eaten cold.

- Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight




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