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(10PCS x 30g)


💁‍♀️Description :

BE BALANCE Idebenone Mask 10 Sheets, Botox Mask, Age/Sun/Dark Spot Remover and Hyper Pigmentation Treatment, Super antioxidant, Whitening, Skin Rejuvenation, Anti-wrinkle, Nourishment (10 Sheets).


💁‍♀️ Features & Details :


▫️It's made of microfiber mask, which is one tenth of the thickness of hair.

▫️It has excellent skin-friendly properties and dense fiber structure, which provides nutrients to the skin.

▫️The advantages of the microfiber mask!!


▫️The bio-fiber mask has superior skin-friendly properties, and at the same time has the ability to apply wrinkles and deep depths of the skin, so it is more effective than the general fabric mask, and Can adhere to the skin, there will be no general facial mask shedding, so that the skin can better absorb nutrients.


▫️And its absorption capacity is 5 times better than the regular masks! 

💁‍♀️ How to use:

Step 1 Eye Contour Gel – Eye & Neck – Patented Poison Complex (Burdock, Leech Extract, Snake Venom, Spider Silk Proteins), Snail Secretion Filtrate and Adenosine facilitate elasticity and wrinkle improvement around the eyes. Apply evenly around the eyes, mouth and on neck after cleansing.


Step 2 Idebenone Micro Fiber Mask – Face – Idebenone Micro Fiber Mask is a mask sheet containing Idebenone which is the best antioxidant compound to date. Adipine benzoquinone is the newly developed antioxidant component. Its molecular size is very small. It is one of the most effective protective and activating cells to protect skin from aging and external environment.


Step 3 Idebenone Cream – It comes with whitening anti-wrinkle effect, super strong antioxidant capacity, plus Idebenone can increase cellular immunity, with perfect blemish wrinkle whitening effect, especially suitable for dry, wrinkles, dark/spot skin. Apply evenly on the face and neck after use of mask sheet.


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