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Beauty Marine Collagen 10.000mg


Beauty Marine Collagen 10.000mg

  • Specification:15 packes 
  • Brand: Alshodo 
  • Made in Japan 
    Beauty Marine Collagen 10,000 in the form of a package with high collagen content, easily absorbed for you a bright, smooth, evenly colored skin with collagen content up to 10,000 mg to help remove wrinkles in the skin, improve wrinkles appear on the skin due to age, restore the skin's natural elasticity, help prevent the formation of wrinkles on the skin, rejuvenate cells according to the natural mechanism.


Ingredients in each Marine Collagen package include

 * Fish collagen liquid 10.000mg: Remove wrinkles, stretch marks.

* Salmon Chondroitin 25mg: Very good for joints and pain, evenly brightens skin tone.

* Konjac Ceramide: 15mg: Works as a skin barrier.

* Horse Placenta: Horse placenta is used to prevent aging, regenerate cells, treat melasma.

* Hyaluronic Acid: Keeps skin hydrated, increases moisture and makes skin more youthful.

Vitamin C 5000mg: Anti-oxidant and rejuvenation, against free radicals.

Benefits of Marine collagen 1000mg
* Collagen alshodo Beauty Marine is capable of removing shallow wrinkles, improving and fading deep wrinkles due to age, restoring the skin's natural elasticity, preventing the formation of wrinkles on the skin, promoting promote cell rejuvenation by natural mechanisms.
* Collagen alshodo 10,000 MG is a drink that provides collagen to the body to replenish elasticity for skin, cartilage with 10,000 mg Collagen Fish collagen Liquid 10000mg, Salmon Chondroitin 25mg, Konjac Ceramide 15mg and vitamin C extracted from fish oil and many other vitamins from Japan that instantly replenish aging skin to help restore your skin in as little as 7 days.
* Beauty Marine Collagen 10,000 is used regularly by the Japanese to keep the skin youthful and ruddy.

Instructions for use of collagen marine 10000mg
* The first month: use 1 pack daily regularly to regenerate the skin as quickly as possible.
* The second month: every 2-3 days, using 1 pack equivalent to 3-5g collagen / day is the amount of collagen your body needs every day according to the advice of experts.
* You can mix collagen packs in hot, cold water or juice to drink daily.


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