What is Cushion Foundation?

What is Cushion Foundation?

Let’s get into the real reason why you’re here. The easiest way to explain cushion foundation is it’s a liquid foundation stored in a traditional compact case. We’re used to compacts being used for powder & heavy cream solutions, which is why the cushion version is all the buzz right now.

Typically, liquid foundations are stored in tubes. Similarly to other types of compact foundations, the foundation itself is applied with the use of a cushion sponge. The cushion foundation formula is a bit more watery compared to other liquid foundations, making it easier to absorb into the sponge.

Cushion Foundation vs. Other Foundations


Liquid foundation formulas are meant to give you a “fresh” and smooth finish. This is similar to what cushion foundation achieves. The biggest difference is that liquid foundation from the tube happens to be more hygienic. Since the liquid doesn’t have any outside contact until it is squeezed or poured out the container, there are fewer bacteria present in the foundation. When it comes to cushion foundation, it’s constantly being handled through the use of a cushion, fingers, brush, etc. 


Cream foundation is useful for hiding blemishes but it has a pretty obvious appearance. The infamous “cake face” is most likely using copious amounts of cream formula foundation. Cushion foundation has a much lighter finish and looks more natural. 


Powder foundation tends to give you a matte finish that doesn’t favor wrinkles. In certain lighting, powder foundation can appear dusty on your face. Cushion foundation, however, offers a supple natural look.

How to Use Cushion Foundation Correctly

It may seem pretty straight forward, but applying cushion foundation requires a different kind of finesse. Larry Yeo (makeup artist) explains that “a cushion foundation gives you more control,” though the process is a bit tricky at first. For first-timers, it’s all too easy to soak up too much liquid, causing spillage, wasting your precious foundation. 

Here are 3 simple steps for a successful basic cushion foundation application:

  1. Soak Gently 
    It’s always better to soak too gently than too much. Place your fingers comfortable under the cushion strap. Press gently down onto the compact, making sure to soak the liquid in the middle of the cushion.
  2. Spread then dab
    Spread the cushion over the area you want to apply your foundation. After that, use gentle dabbing motions to blend it in for a natural look.
  3. Fold the Cushion to Reach Tight Spots
    When using a cushion applicator, it can be tough getting spots such as under the eyes and the nose crevices. To achieve an even layer, fold the cushion in half then dab the problem area gently to get full coverage.

These steps will ensure you have a clean and neat layer of foundation. If you notice that some areas of your face have a heavier concentration of foundation, you can gently spread the layer out by dabbing and using small circles over the problem area.



If you prefer a more matte finish, then take a loose powder foundation and apply a soft layer on top of your cushion foundation layer. Applying powder along your hairline and in tough creases can aid in keeping the skin’s oil at bay throughout the day. 

When you need to add some concealer to hide some of those blemishes, it’s recommended to apply it after your foundation. This is because liquid foundations tend to turn out with an uneven coat if you apply your concealer prior.

Worried about using up your cushion foundation too fast? There is an easy way to extend it so you can get more use out of your compact sized portion. The simple solution: use your fingers! Just soak up a little bit of the cushion foundation with your fingers and dab it over your face in an even coat the same way you would with the cushion. Another way to extend the product is by using a brush for home application. Use the puff when you’re on the go for quicker, more convenient touch-ups.

One tip you should never forget is to clean the cushion at least once per week. It makes for a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, which is exactly what you don’t want to be applying to your face. Ew!


Cushion foundation offers the best of both compact and liquid foundation in one amazingly convenient package. It’s worth adding to your make-up bag since it makes for a better-quality touch up than a powder or cream foundation can offer. At the same time, it offers the convenience of simply dabbing on the formula instead of pouring it onto your fingers first. All in all, cushion foundation is popular for a reason - it gives amazing results with little effort on your end.
                                                                     Transcribed from Honey Jarret